How to save cost on travelling

The very thought of travelling makes you want to wonder the expense that you might incur in the whole affair. However, there are very many ways to save money on travel. A step-by-step progression taking into account the market conditions and your own itinerary is the right approach. You can save money on anything and everything from airfares to car rentals, from entry to public places of interest to dining at a fancy restaurant after winning a few free coupons! Start reading up on places you plan to include in your itinerary even before you have decided to chalk out a travel plan. Besides what might interest all those who are travelling, what might be economical for the one financing, will decide the course of the itinerary.

You could then establish a travel budget and start by finding a cheap airfare. You must keep in mind that most low airfares require a weekend stay and advance purchase time of two to three weeks. Very often, advertised low fares snowball as add-on fees like taxes are assessed. Watch out for the same. Make sure you travel light and not end up paying baggage fees. It’s important for a backpacker to minimise or best, even avoid these costs. If you wish to stay in constant touch with your family back home, you have the option of buying calling cards for cheap international calls. If you wish to spend even lesser, you have the option of using VOIP services either at a Wi-Fi hotspot or Internet cafes all the time. This gives you the privilege of making free calls and cuts down your travel costs drastically.

Another way of spending less is to use point-to-point tickets or a rail pass. These passes give you an option of extensive travel over several rail networks, in different countries and over a long period of time like a month or two, depending on the pass that you choose. The icing on the cake is, your travel is unlimited. That also gives you the added flexibility to change your travel plan last minute. If the transportation is going to be long, consider travelling at night to save accommodation costs and many hours of time. Subway or buses should be preferred to taxis as they turn out cheaper. If you are travelling in a group, driving is another option you can consider. It’s fun, economical and you are at your own will to plan your course of travel.

If you do not have any specific travel destination in mind and are just looking for a break without breaking the bank, you could consider the currency exchange rate. Sometimes, this of all, makes the biggest difference!

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