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I don’t normally take part in blogger competitions but I saw this one and it really caught my eye. Mainly because it gave me an excuse to go through and look at photos from my trips.  TravelSupermarket has put together the Capture the Colour contest, which asks travel bloggers to pick out their best photo which shows off one of five colors: blue, red, yellow, green, and/or white.

The judges are all other travel bloggers: Dan of Canvas of Light, Abi of Inside the Travel Lab, Dave and Deb of The Planet D, Christine of Almost Fearless, and Ken Kaminesky.

Anyway here are my photos. Also, since the purpose of this competition is to show off color I figured it would be better to show off the actual color of a place. So none of these photos of been edited at all.


Although I debated between this and the photos of boats in the harbor at Essaouira I ultimately decided to choose this shot of the security wall in Palestine. The wall actually separates Bethlehem (part of the Palestine territories) from the rest of Israel. Much like the Berlin wall, protesters and artists have used the wall as a canvas to express their feelings on the separation.

The white figure is actually the personification as Palestine. The blue is meant to represent a crack in the wall – blue sky coming through from the other side. In this picture Palestine is standing at this break in the wall as people celebrate around him.

I like this picture for “Blue” because the blue represents freedom – the crack in the wall. The other side.


This picture is form a Market in Morocco. The “Green” comes from the olives that overflow in multiple bowls from every stand. Other stalls sell live chickens, fruit, spices, nuts and every other imaginable food. The items are fresh and merchants are more than happy to let you sample.


This picture from Battambang, Cambodia is my choice for “Red.” Battambang is part of the Cambodian countryside. Very peaceful and very green. However, while the forests and rice paddies may look serene, they are actually full of deadly landmines. Many many people still die from these mines every year, and thanks to the many injuries caused by these leftovers of war, Cambodia has the highest percentage of amputees of any country in the world.

This red sign, buried within the trees by a old Angkor Temple is a sober reminder to people to stay on the paths to avoid danger.


My “Yellow” photo is of cheese in Amsterdam. The Netherlands is famous for its cheese and I had a great time sampling it during my trip.


My last photo is for “White” and shows hikers crossing the huge expanse that is the Svinafellsjokull glacier in Iceland. I like this photo for White because it really captures the feeling of being on the glacier. White everywhere. With the exception of the sky and your fellow hikers, once you were out on the glacier, your world was entirely white. It was amazing.

Here’s how to enter to show of your own photos:

  • Publish a post with your submissions (you can do all six colors, or any of the six that you would like; however, you will only be eligible to win the grand prize if you submit all six).
  • Either share the link to your post on Facebook while mentioning Capture the Colour and tagging the Facebook page, OR tweet the post while tagging #capturethecolour and @travelsupermkt, OR email your entry to with your name, address, and phone number.
  • Do this all by August 27, 2012!  (Make sure to check out the Terms & Conditions as well.)
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