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I’ve gotten so much wonderful feedback from all of you about how excited you were to read about my trip to Iceland. Based on your comments, it sounds like may of you are ready to start planning your own trip’s to Iceland!

Well, now is your chance to win your very own all expenses paid trip to Iceland through a company I was lucky enough to work with during my trip, Iceland Unlimited.

They recently launched a fun new facebook game that allows you to compete as the infamous Icelandic Volcano, Eyjafjallajökull. You get to control Eyjafjallajökull as it erupts and disrupts plans, ashes out planes, and obscures sky divers. The more mayhem you cause the more points you earn. The best part though is that unlike the real eruption which grounded flights to and from Europe for weeks at a time, this game will actually help you get to Iceland.

At the end of the summer, the top scorer will win an all Expenses Trip to Iceland via Iceland Unlimited. The second place and third place winner also get some great prizes including other Iceland Tour options and clothing form 66 North.

Here’s how the game works. Each day, you get five ‘eruptions’ – chances to do your best to make the biggest, baddest ash cloud in Iceland. You pick the direction and the force of the explosion and then watch your ash cloud fly across the globe. You score points for each kilometer your cloud travels, as well as for any planes or skydivers you take out. Be careful though, if you get a Bjork concert cancelled or delay the prime minister you may lose points! 

In addition to the top three prizes, the game is full of fun Icelandic Trivia. Even better, you can win discounts on popular Iceland Activities. While playing I got 25% off a Icelandic Horse Ride for my next trip!

Worried that 5 eruptions a day might not be enough? The more friends you invite the more eruptions you get!

I was lucky enough to work with Iceland Unlimited during my time in Iceland and find out about all the great services they offer for people wishing to visit Iceland.  As they are a small company, they are able to work personally with each person to ensure that the trip meets their needs. They offer many options including a “self drive” tour which gives you the freedom of a self guided trip without the worry of going completely alone. Iceland Unlimited arranges all the details – the car, the hotels, the activities. Then you get to have all the fun of having your own adventure.

You can read more about Iceland Unlimited and the amazing story of how Jon, the owner, came to found his company here.

During my trip, Iceland Unlimited helped Holly and I upon our arrival to Iceland. After our overnight flight, we were tired and it was a welcome site to see a smiling face waiting for us at the airport. Afterwards, we were given a tour of the amazing Reykjanes Peninsula area near the airport (Stay tuned for a photo post featuring shots from our tour). It was my first glimpse of the alien landscape and geothermal activity Iceland is famous for and it was enough to get my super excited for the trip ahead. Our guide was extremely professional and knowledgeable and made us feel totally comfortable about our arrival. After our tour, he helped us find our hotel and check in and then recommended several lunch locations. As he dropped us off, he made it clear that he was available for anything we may need during our trip.

If you find yourself in Iceland, I highly recommend you check out Iceland Unlimited to help you plan your trip. They were a pleasure to work with and I got the impression that they go out of their way to support their clients during their trips. In the meantime, if you are hoping to get to Iceland for free, go check out their fun new game:!

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Disclaimer: Iceland Unlimited helped Holly and I out with our airport transport and provided us with a tour of the Reykjanes Peninsula. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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  1. memographer says:

    Thanks for sharing, Liz!
    I will try to make Eyjafjallajökull friendlier :)

  2. Vicky says:

    Haha, brilliant game!

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