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Hopefully you have all been reading my very thorough coverage of my Iceland Trip. I’ve shared my experience with dog sledding, glacier hiking, puffin watching, and all the other fun activities Holly and I were able to try during our trip. But, the trip wasn’t just back to back adventure sports. There were hours and hours spent in the car, alone on the road with just a can of Pringles and Adele to keep us company. There were late nights in strangely sunny bars. Then there was that incident with the glory hole. But don’t worry, more on that late. For now, here are my random thoughts on Iceland.

Beer in Iceland is Expensive

Like $9 (or more) a glass expensive. So expensive that getting drunk is an investment. Holly and I headed out on our first night in an attempt to experience the famous Icelandic night life. But, the beer wasn’t that good and I wasn’t ready to spend a down payment on a night out.

Funny story, while we were out on our Silfra Snorkeling trip, we met a group of Canadians around our age who told us they had spent the day before getting drunk at the bar. I exclaimed “How could you afford that?!” and they just shrugged.  Later on, one of the Canadians told me he sometimes went to DC for work. I’m not trying to be harsh, but this dude hardly seemed like that kind who would be entrusted with international work travel. He said he was in DC “Playing the Caps.”

The Caps? Oh yeah, the HOCKEY TEAM. They were in the NHL.

Lesson Learned: Drinking in Iceland might be too expensive for you, unless you are a professional athlete. Oh and don’t even think you can just pop into a grocery store for a nice beer.

Navigation in Iceland can be tricky

Iceland isn’t a big country. In fact, it really only has one road. So you would think that it would be really easy to get around. Well…it sort of is…and it sort of isn’t. Almost everything you need to get to is off the Ring Road. Simply get on that road and drive. Easy enough. The problem is that most of what you are driving on is large empty expanses and it’s easy to loose track of time and distance. There aren’t a lot of landmarks so its hard to pick out exactly where you are, so it’s hard to figure out how far you need to go until your next destination.

To make matters worse, Iceland must hate signs. Even giant tourist attractions are labeled with little more than tiny information signs at their entrances. No giant billbaords announcing that you are approaching. No photos. No “5 Miles to the waterfall.” Nothing. In fact, here is the ONLY sign for our arrival to the giant glacier.

If you didn’t know the name of the glacier, you would totally have missed it.

You need to leave the city to see Iceland

I mentioned before the importance of renting a car in Iceland. But, I feel like I should underline that fact even more. Leaving the city is a must if you really want to experience Iceland. Rekykvik is okay…but Iceland is Amazing. 

The scenary changes every half hour of driving, from lush greenery, to harsh ice. Glaicers, mountains, lava feilds, beach. So fast its almost dizzing.


The Weather Can Change Quickly

What’s the saying “If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes?” Iceland owns that saying. While we were there the temperature alternated from freezing to warm. Windy to sunny. Rainy to not rainy. You get the idea. Layers were key.

On my glacier walk, I ended up in a t-shirt because it was about 50F out.

 Later on that same day the wind picked up so much that my thermal coat and fur hat weren’t enough.

Iceland is all about the fish

It’s everywhere. Nuff said.

I think that’s all my random thoughts for now…

Oh yeah, our hotel had a glory hole

We found it above our shower and it was super creepy. We plugged it with toilet paper….


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3 Responses to Thoughts on Iceland

  1. memographer says:

    Fun and interesting! Thanks for insides, Liz!
    My favorite part is about beer – “So expensive that getting drunk is an investment.” LOL

    A glory-hole in a shower?! You’ve picked the right hotel! ;)

  2. Erik says:

    It’s a pretty singular destination, though. I want to go back with my SLR camera this time. (I was there in 1988, with only my little point-and-shoot film camera.

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