Ridiculous Things I wore in Iceland

All of Iceland was pretty much not a good look for me. For such a short trip, I found myself wearing a large number of ridiculous things. Even more strange was the fact that I let Holly photograph me wearing each of these outfits. (Let/Posed and begged her to snap a photo…whats the difference?) Against my better judgement, I thought I would share some of my favorites (I use that term very loosely).

Warning, this post is borderline narcasstic.

It started out pretty tame with a few viking dress up sessions. I think we can all agree that that helmet was designed for someone with a much smaller head.

On our whale watching trip we were offered full body coveralls to keep us warm. I was still pretending that I cared what I looked like so I declined and instead wore a ridiculous amount of my own clothing. Here’s me, dressed like I’m in siberia, enjoying the only fish meal I partook in during my entire trip.

Things went down hill from there and pretty soon got out of control. If you read about my Silfra Snorkeling trip you know that it involved some pretty intricate outfiture… but these pictures really showcase the full awesomeness of the get ups.

(If Holly is still my friend after this post it will be a miracle.) But don’t worry, that was only the first layer. Here’s me looking like the swamp monster after getting out of the water.

And who could forget this look from my Glacier Walk

Or this look from the Blue Lagoon

My personal best is this look I rocked while touring the Glacier Lagoon. Life jack over the puffy coat. Gold.

Oh gosh…what a look.

Whats the craziest thing you’ve had to (or chosen to) wear on a trip?

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6 Responses to Ridiculous Things I wore in Iceland

  1. memographer says:

    Ha ha ha :) a nice set of outfit!
    You look sexy in the first one ;)

  2. Everything is adorable when you’re wearing it with that smile! I do love the furry hat :)

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      I secretly also love the furry hat. I’m not saying it inspired me to plan a trip to Iceland just so I could wear it…but okay maybe that did happen.

  3. Haha, when it’s that cold out I stop caring what I look like. I will wear insane amounts of layers (and okay at first I’ll try to make it look cute), but I usually end up looking like a Siberian marshmallow. :D

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      Haha so true. At some point I announced to my friends that life was too short to be cold and bought the fur hat and coat you see me rocking in these photos. Its kind of amazing.

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