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Recently, I was asked to review, a travel agency specializing in tours of China and the surrounding area. The company offers a wider variety of tour options including private and group tours of various lengths and prices. They also offer “extension” tours which can take you to nearby countries after your trip through China.

The webs site itself is very easy to use. It’s well laid out, written in clear language and informative. It’s very easy to find the tours that are offered for each category: Private, custom, Join – etc.

Each tour has it’s own page with detailed itinerary and pricing information. It’s easy to read through each activity and site that you will make up the tour so that you can compare and contrast the trips and pick the on that’s right for you. Alongside each itinerary are relevant photos to get your dreaming about your trip to China.

At the bottom of each tour page is a complete breakdown of all the tour costs and information about the accommodations, food, transportation etc. Each tour is offered in two versions: Luxury Class and Standard Class. Using the tabbed feature, you can quickly and easily toggle between the two to see which one has the amenities you want. This once again allows you to pick and pay for the trip that best fits your needs.

In my opinion, one of the best features of each your page is the “map.”

For each tour, you can click the Map button to see how your itinerary plays out across the country. It’s a nice visual that helps you better understand which parts of the country you will be seeing and how long you will be in transport.

If a set your isn’t your style, also has the option to create your own tour. They have created a comprehensive survey with tons of options so that you can mark down anything and everything you might want to do in China and send it off to them for a quote.

If you have any questions or issues during your booking, their contact info is displayed prominantly throughout the site. They even have the option to engage in a live chat with one of their agents.

When I tried it, I wasn’t able to connect to anyone, but that could be due to the time difference. I really enjoyed my time using I’m not sure that I will be booking a tour anytime soon, but just looking at their site really set off my wanderlust – lots of wonderful pictures and ideas of fun things to see and do in China.


Disclaimer: Although I was compensated for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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