My Travel Bucket List

One of the worst tricks of traveling is that the more you see the more you realize how much you haven’t seen.  You start to realize the world is a very VERY big place. As I’ve traveled, talked to others on trips and read travel blogs I’ve began to start my list of dream destinations and journeys. Below you will find the top contenders on my list (in no particular order).

Kate, form Adventurous Kate recently wrote a good post about the important of actually accomplishing your bucket list.

 1. Trans Siberian Railroad

I have no idea why, but this classic train ride through Siberia has really captured my interest as a must do. I have spent countless hours planning a hypothetical trip from Moscow down through Mongolia to Beijing. I’ve read all about all the classes and picked what kind of berth I would like. I’ve even planned where I would stop along the way.

If you are interested in reading about the Trans Siberian Railroad I suggest checking out Katie’s Blog “Katie Going Global” or the detailed instructions over at Seat 61

2. Australia

As I mentioned in my “What If” post recently, Australia is pretty high on my to-do list as well. Besides Antarctica, its the only continent I haven’t been too, and I’ve always heard wonderful things about the land down under.

Have you ever thought about planning your own trip to Australia? Why not check out these gold coast deals?

3. India for Holi

India has always been somewhere that intrigued me, but in particular I would love to visit during one of their famous festivals. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Holi. Some people have felt overwhelmed by the celebration while other people have loved it. Unfortunately, Holi only happens for a few days each spring so it may be difficult to plan a trip around those constraints.

4. Road trip down Route 66 (USA)

Route 66, although it no longer officially exists, is the famous road across the US filled with nostalgia and Americana. For this trip, I would drive from DC to St Louis where I would hop on Route 66 and head south through Texas (with a stop at the Cadallac Ranch) and through onto California.

Val has a great site dedicated to the Great American Road trip called Silly America.

5.  Cruise to Antarctica 

Antarctica, the true final frontier, rounds out my  bucket list. Cold, Ice, Penguins – whats not to love? I think a cruise is probably the best way to tackle this particular journey, and sadly that means $$$. This might have to be delayed until I make my first millions(s).

The traveling team at the Planet D recently headed to Antarctica. You can check out some of their photos here.

Whats on your bucket list? Anything you hope to accomplish this year?


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by a third party. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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2 Responses to My Travel Bucket List

  1. mee says:

    Hi Liz, I just found your website recently as I started doing my own blog and bumping into other travelers’ blogs :)

    Trans Siberian Railroad is high on my list too! I live in London right now, and I would really like to go from London to Singapore by land one day (which should include the Trans Siberian railway). The guy in seat 61 actually talked about London to Australia, but I’ve done numerous trips from Singapore/Malaysia-Indonesia-Australia (albeit not by land), so I wouldn’t feel that as accomplishment. Beside it seems to be really expensive to go from Indonesia to Australia by sea, as it’s pretty far. So London to Singapore by land is on my list! :)

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