Iceland Plans!

Photo by: ezioman, Creative CommonsNow that you know that I’m going to Iceland and what footwear I’ll be sporting while I’m there, its time I filled you on all the details of what I will be doing on my trip. I am super excited because I’ve partnered with some amazing companies so that I can review all the best things to do during a trip to Iceland. Hopefully once you see all the fun things to do you will be booking your tickets.

Day 1 – Our flight will depart DC on Thursday Evening for a nonstop trip to Reykjavik. We will arrive early in the morning  in time for a day of sightseeing.

Day 2- We will kick off our Iceland trip with a car tour of the Reykjanes Peninsula and then a sightseeing tour of the city of Reykjavik with Iceland Unlimited.

That afternoon we will be heading out on a Puffin Watching Tour with Special Tours. I’ve heard the Iceland Puffins are really cute, so I am excited to see them first hand.

Photo via Special Tours

The evening we hope to experience the ‘famous’ Reykjavik nightlife which should be out in full force since it’s a Friday night.

Day 3 - We have to wake up early on Saturday to head out for a Whale Watching trip that was included in our Iceland Air package. My friend Andy just got back from Iceland and said that he didn’t see any whales on his trip…so fingers crossed.

That afternoon we will be picking up a Rental Car in Iceland from Route 1 Car Rental so that we can get out of Reykjavik for a few days. I will fill you in on our “out of city” activities later.

Day 4 – Still keeping these plans under wraps for now, but I will fill you in on our “out of town” plans later

Day 5 – Having returned to Reykjavik, we are waking up early to do a self-guided golden circle tour. First we will start out at the national park Þingvellir where we will tour all the historic sites. After our visit, we will be heading to the geothermal plate split to do some Silfra Snorkeling with Arctic Adventures. What is Silfra Snorkeling? Basically, you put on dry suits and snorkel in the melted glacier water between the tectonic plates. It’s FREEZING, but you get great views because of the water clarity.

Photo vis Arctic Adventures

That afternoon, we will finish up our self-guided golden circle tour with a trip to Geysir and the famous waterfall, Gullfoss.

Did you know that in May, there is almost no nighttime in Iceland? In fact, sometimes the sun is still up and shining at midnight, a phenomenon called “Midnight Sun.” To celebrate these many hours of daylight, we will spend our last evening doing some Midnight Sun Dog Sledding.

Photo via Dog Sledding Iceland

Day 6- On our last day in Iceland, we will do some much need relaxing on our way to the Airport by stopping at the famous Blue Lagoon. After soaking in the warm water and enjoying a cocktail at the spa bar, we will head to the airport for our flight back to DC.

As you can see… I am crazy excited for this trip. As you can see I have some amazing fun things planned. I’ll be back with the details on our excursion out of town later this week… stay tuned!

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11 Responses to Iceland Plans!

  1. Kieron says:

    So excited for you – Iceland is probably our favorite destination that we’ve been to. Whale watching is awesome, if you have the option to go outside of Reykjavik for that then definitely take it!

    Super jealous that you’ll get to see puffins – that’s the one thing that we’re really disappointed that we missed.

    Have fun! :D

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      I am so excited! Everyone who has gone seems to love it. And yes, we are def going to get out of the city – I’ll be sharing all those plans early next week.

      PS. I loved reading about everything you all did on your trip to Iceland – gave me some great ideas of things to do!

  2. Holly says:

    CANNOT WAIT!! If I wasn’t already going on this trip, I’d probably be looking into booking it :)

  3. Oh my goodness. This looks like the trip of a lifetime! I noticed that Iceland Air was offering some pretty cheap flights from NYC to Reykjavik… The prospect of puffins and glacier snorkeling alone make me want to rejigger our trip so we can add Iceland into the mix. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      Yeah – We got a great deal through Iceland Air that included the flights, hotels and a few excursions. I am so excited to go and do everything!

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  5. Amazing! So glad we stumbled upon your site. The dogsledding looks so fun! We may have to add that to our itinerary. :)

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      You totally need to – it was a highlight of the trip. I also recommend the silfra snorkeling.

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