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As I mentioned in my April Summary, I am going to start adding a new to my monthly updates.  I get a lot of questions about my blog stats and how much money I am spending or earning by running a travel blog. This post will get you up to speed with how things have been going until this point, and then from now on I’ll give monthly updates with each summary. I don’t know that a lot of my readers are looking to start their own blog, but hopefully if anyone is, this will help you give you some thoughts on the process.

So here is where the blog is as of May 1, 2012.

L’appel Du Vide Statistics

  • Twitter Followers: 413
  • Facebook “Likes:” 56
  • RSS Followers: 21 <—-eek
  • Google Page Rank: 3
  • Alexa Ranking: 633,747 (Down from 794,402 from last month)*

So as you can see some of the stats are pretty low, but other ones are getting better. Especially considering I just started my Facebook page. As always, you can help me out by following me on twitter, liking me on Facebook, or singing up to get updates via email.

*For Alexa Ranking, the lower the better. The ultimate goal is to get under 100,000


So how does that all translate into eyes on the page? With each month I am seeing a slow increase in readers and page views. Ideally what you are looking for is a large number of engaged visitors. So that means, people who come to your site and spend time reading articles, clicking around and leaving comments. Someone who clicks on a link, ends up on your site and immediately leaves isn’t really that valuable.

Between March and April I saw the following changes:

  • Total Visits: +25.7%
  • Page Views: +37.1%

So this means that I had more visitors and they looked at more things on my blog during their visit. (PS. I use google analytics to track my readers)

L’appel Du Vide Money

So, the next qestion I get is how much this blogs costs to maintain vs. how much revenue it generates. So first off here are the costs I’ve laid out so far:

So right now, I’ve spent about $70. Obviously this does not include the cost of trips, travel etc., but I think we can all agree that those are not strictly blogging costs. So the next question is revenue. I will break it into two parts, revenue from advertising/affiliate links and partnerships. First advertising:

So yeah, as you can see, this month was a bit crazy in terms of revenue. Speaking of which I’d like to give a quick shout out to my Side Bar partners: Sunmaster Holidays, Florists Nearby, and Iceland Farm Holidays. Thank you for your support.

The main boost I had this month was joining the Art of Travel Blogging which really helped me network to find additional revenue streams and advertisiers. I’m in no way expect this to be normal in terms of earnings for the next couple of months. But of course if will keep you posted.

Next onto partnerships.

  • February: I partnered with Extranomical Tours to review their Wine and Woods Tour in San Francisco, CA
  • March: None
  • April: I sponsored with the Clever Travel Companion to review their pickpocket proof clothing. I also partnered with Planet Shoes to review their Hiking Shoes, which I will be bringing with me to Iceland.

So there you have it… all the numbers you need to know. I’ll give you an update next month so you can see how I’m doing.


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5 Responses to Blog Stats

  1. Vicky says:

    I love posts like these. It’s always interesting to see where fellow bloggers stand and how they are doing in terms of increasing views/visits/subscribers/social media. We too post our monthly stats and though we are growing slowly it’s still rewarding to see the numbers going up!

  2. Ross says:

    It’s inspiring to see someone in the early stages of travel blogging success gain momentum! My wife and I just started our trip a little over 2 weeks ago and have been blogging…don’t know how we’re doing yet, but hopefully as our trip gets more interesting our blog will too. Best of luck and thanks for the motivation :)

  3. The Guy says:

    That is great information and really useful. I started my travel blog in September and am yet to see financial return yet. I am enjoying growing my readership and writing articles.

    Hopefully soon it will start covering its costs.

  4. Kris says:

    Thanks for explaining your expenses but it is a bit strange to not see a number in your income…

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