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My Travel Bucket List


One of the worst tricks of traveling is that the more you see the more you realize how much you haven’t seen.  You start to realize the world is a very VERY big place. As I’ve traveled, talked to others on trips and read travel blogs I’ve began to start my list of dream destinations and journeys. Below you will find the top contenders on my list (in no particular order). Kate, form Adventurous Kate recently wrote a good post about the important of actually accomplishing your bucket list.  1. Trans Siberian Railroad I have no idea why, but this … Read More

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Adventures in Flight

San Francisco 2012 003

We all know that flying is a necessary evil. Pretty much no one enjoys it, but if we want to travel we all have to do it (unless you plan to confine yourself to long boat rides and overland trains). I could probably write a book about bad things that have happened to me at airports, but for the sake of brevity, I’ve gathered up a few of my ‘favorites’ for your reading…enjoyment? Even though we all agree flying isn’t the most fun, its something we must do to see the world. So, since we must fly, hopefully we can … Read More

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