The Art of Travel Blogging

Don’t worry… this isn’t some crazy pretentious post about how what I do is an art and there is so much beauty in the world blah blah blah…

No, instead this is just blatant marketing for any other travel bloggers who happen to read my site and are looking for some great advice and help on how to get their blog up and going (don’t worry I won’t be the one giving it.)

I just joined the “Art of Travel Blogging,” a community that helps bloggers learn all there is to know about creating content, SEO, and setting up wordpress/hosting.

Travel Blogging

When I first started blogging, it was just a hobby and I would have never considered spending money on anything related to my blog. But then I started posting four to five times a week, and the number of readers started growing. Then I started getting comments and followers who weren’t just my Mom or my college friends. (Moment of honesty here, my mom doesn’t actually read my blog).

Soon things started taking off slowly but surely. I started getting advertisers – So I set up an advertising page. Now I make around $50 a week in ads that I sell on the blog. Then I started working with tour companies to review their products in exchange for complimentary tours. Each step of the way, I had no idea what I was doing. I just sort of made it up as I went along. I sometimes googled for answers and would read whatever random posts I found. I made lots of mistakes and learned lots of things the hard way. (For example did you know you shouldn’t make 10,000 tags when you start your blog? I just had to go through and individually delete them and re-sort them all….ugh)

Anyway, after going through a lot of growing pains, I decided maybe investing a little money wasn’t that big a deal. Thats when I found the  Art of Travel Blogging. Right now it’s a total steal at $20 for a lifetime membership (but hurry because I believe the minds behind it are raising the prices on April 4th and maybe it will be $1000 – who knows).

I was dubious at first because I am ridiculous about money and will happily spend like $15 on lunch a Cosi and then get all weird about buying $.99 apps. For some reason online money seems like more. But its been awesome so far. Thanks to my membership, I’ve already sold an ad that has more than paid for the fee to join. In addition, the forums are chock-a-block full of great advice form all the members.

Anyway, even though Art of Travel Blogging is designed for travel bloggers, the info in the forums is really great for any kind of blogger or anyone new to wordpress and SEO. I highly recommend you sign up today and take advantage of the low price – feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Disclaimer: If you use the links in this post or on my site (which you should!) I get a small commission if you sign up.

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