Review of the Clever Travel Companion

The Clever Travel Companion is a line of products that helps travelers conceal their passports and other valuables from pickpockets. They have an entire line of products that include tank tops, t-shirts, undies and long johns.

They sent me a pair of long johns and a tank top to try out and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. In my experience, “traveler clothes” are typically ill fitting, colored like pea soup and made of weird materials.  Thankfully, the Clever Travel Companion’s clothes were actually surprisingly flattering.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s go to the video (photos). Back in 2010, I visited Greece and brought with me my trusty over the neck passport holder. I had used it all through Peru and it had served me well. But it was cold in Peru, and it fit fine under my coat. It was warm and Greece and here was the situation:

As you can see, that passport holder was the opposite of discreet. (Obviously I could have put it under my shirt, but trust me it wasn’t any more hidden.) After a few hours of this look, the inevitable happened:

As you can see, the passport holder ended up stuck in my purse. Yep, passport and money in a bag, with strings on it hanging out of my purse. That’s why they call me Liz “Safety” Bird. (Hint: They Don’t)

So yeah. It wasn’t ideal. I never brought it on another trip again. Instead I kept my passport, keys, camera, money etc in my purse and hoped for the best. So that brings us to today.

Here is me in my new Clever Travel Companion tank top WITH my passport:

I would say that’s a major improvement. (Don’t know why my camera is taking the worst pictures ever all the sudden). So yeah, you know all about the styling. Lets get down to brass tacks.

What did I like?

As I’ve said, the style was great and both the products seem really high quality. The fabric was nice and was thick enough that any objects in the pockets aren’t super obvious. Also, it’s stretchy enough that it will keep it’s shape even if you have to go a few wears without washing as travelers tend to do….

Also, it does what it sets out to do. That passport (and anything else in those pockets) is pickpocket-proof. Plus, I love that I know exactly where my passport is at all times without having to check a pocket or bag.

What’s also great is that the clothes are super comfortable. Very not restrictive. That means that it would be possible to sleep in these clothes and protect your valuables while on an over night bus or early morning train. 

What did I not like?

I didn’t “not like” anything, but my one hope is that they will come out with gender specific long johns. The site advertises them as unisex, and the XS fit well in terms of size and length but I could tell they weren’t made for a woman’s body. (not that that really matters a ton for something you wear under your clothes). My pair was a little tight in the hips and a little loose in the waist. Plus there was a fun button fly which is a feature I’m sure the boys like but I did not utilize.

About the Clever Travel Companion:

The Clever Companion was founded in 2010 by Johanna Denize. Originally from Sweden, Johanna now lives in DC with her husband and son. Having traveled more than 40 countries, backpacking and otherwise going budget style, Johanna realized a better solution was needed to protect travelers from pick pockets and loss; money belts, fanny packs and neck pouches simply wouldn’t do. They were itchy, bulky and ugly and easy to misplace. Thus Johanna invented the Clever Travel Companion’s line of garments with secret pockets and no pick pocket – no matter how smart – will know where a travelers valuables are hidden.

You can buy the Clever Travel Companion products on the their site and on Amazon.


Disclaimer: The Clever Travel Companion sent me a complimentary pair of long johns and a tank top to try out  All thoughts and opinions my own. Promise.

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