Announcing my Next Trip!

As you might already have guessed if you’ve seen some of my tweets or if you ever talk to me in person (or if you can see the giant graphic at the top of this page) my next trip will be to….

…drum roll please…


I know, I know, you are just as excited as I am. So what are the details?

My friend and I booked a package trip through Iceland Air that includes all the hotels, flights and a whale watching trip. We will be leaving in Mid-May and staying for about 5 days. We already have a TON of awesome activities lined up and I will be sharing the full itinerary soon. But here’s a little picture to get you excited:

You know how I love me some wildlife sightings. Look how cute that little guy is. Will we see puffins in Iceland? (Hint: Yes we will).

I will be going with my friend Holly who I met when we lived next door to each other as children in Hawaii. If you were wondering what kind of person Holly is, let me share with you a few fun facts:

  • When we were 5 years old, she convinced me that some plant my backyard in Hawaii was a “salad” plant and that I would be really healthy if I ate it. That’s right, she convinced me to eat some random, possibly poisonous, tropical plant. I think my mom about had a heart attack.
  • When were were 20 we went to Japan together and ended up in an altercation with poor sweet woman who we THOUGHT was our travel agent and who we for some reason assumed had stolen our tickets. (Spoiler: our travel agent was one door over)
  • In high school, we decided to visit some “haunted” site in rural Virginia in the middle of the night. We ended up trespassing and setting off trip wires. We were so traumatized we had to go to Denny’s and order everything off the menu.

So as you can tell, should be a fun travel companion :-)

Anyway, if you want to hear about some other bloggers adventures in Iceland you can check out:

Happy Reading! Do you want to plane your own fun trip? Why not check out some Flights to Rome?

Do any of you all have any fun trips coming up?


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4 Responses to Announcing my Next Trip!

  1. Holly says:

    I’m not sure I appreciate the tone you take towards my 5 year old self who clearly had a deep interest in herbology. It might have been my dream Liz, you don’t know (except for the whole actual dream of being a nurse thing…). But regardless, this trip is going to be awesome, and I know this because Japan was awesome and we didn’t do half as much in 5 days there. I’m super excited and can’t wait to see some puffins!! :)

  2. Erik says:

    Iceland is awesome and a very singular place- there aren’t too many places like it. Make sure you take advantage of the ‘adventurous eating’ options there- it makes a great post (see Amanda’s post on this). I should have used my adventurous eating experience in Iceland for my Misadventure Monday, but I didn’t have any pictures of the rotted shark dish I ate (or the subsequent unfortunate trip to the loo afterwards…)

    Have fun- looking forward to the posts. I’m going to try and get back there within a couple of years- it was my backup plan in case I wasn’t able to afford my upcoming trip to New Zealand.

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