Underground Dining in the District

 Chez Le Commis

Recently, I’ve been reading about some other blogger’s underground dining experiences, so I was excited when I got the opportunity to attend a dinner at a pop-up restaurant in my very own DC.

But first, what is underground dining? Don’t worry, you don’t have to gnaw on a ham bone in a cave or anything. Its basically a more formal dinner party. Hosted in someones home or apartment, usually by an experienced cook, the party is comprised of people you may or may not know who pay for the opportunity to try unique (maybe not FDA approved) food.

So how exactly do you end up at an ”underground resturant?”  Basically, you go online and register. James Bond stuff, right? Once you select a date, you will be emailed with the menu and instructions on how to find your dining location. Then you show up, eat, drink, be merry and leave a donation for the cost of food and wine.

I was invited to attend the brand new, Chez Le Commis. I can’t really give you much information since the location and host are both secret (unless of course you go..in which case its not much of a secret).  However, I can show you some pictures of several of the MANY courses that were served. (BTW, although the menu is set, you can email ahead with dietary restrictions).

Prawns with Burboun

Prawns with Bourbon

Each course was served with a specially picked wine pairing. As it turns out the chef for this particular event also blogs about wine so I assume he knows his stuff. I just love wine of all  kinds, so I was down with whatever as long as more wine kept coming.

The theme for that night’s menu was seafood, and the host had designed fun menus to highlight each course. My favorite illustration was for the Ink Braised octopus.

One of the best parts about these underground restaurants, is the chance to get to know your fellow diners. Since anyone can sign up online, you never know who might show up.

If you are interested in getting a reservation at Chez le Commis, visit their website and pick from the available dates. You can check out more pictures from the even below.


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