Sea Lions in San Francisco

Flowers on Fishermans' Wharf in San Francisco

As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE the sea lions in San Francisco. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe its because they are super cute. Maybe its their “I don’t give a single frick” attitude. Maybe its because I see a little bit of myself in the life of a sea lion. Whatever the reason, I make sure to visit them every time I’m in San Francisco. So whats the deal with the sea lions?

Apparently the sea lions just showed up near the pier one day and started sunning themselves on the boating docks in the harbor. As you can probably tell, sea lions aren’t the most svelte creatures (nor are they gentle) and after a few months of them lazing about, and jumping on and off and wooden docks, the boat slips began to break apart – much to the chagrin of the boat owners.

In the effort to control the situation, the city built some special sea lion only floating platforms to keep the sea lions and the boat owners happy. And, for the most part this has worked out. But of course there’s always “that guy” in every group:

Sea Lion taking a Sea-Esta in San Francisco

Sea Lion taking a Sea-Esta

Bahahaha. Love it.  Not only was this sea lion not content to share a floating dock with his sea lion brethren, he also felt that the boat docks weren’t his style either. So in true awesome sea lion fashion, he commandeered his own boat and passed out. Lets be honest, though. If you put a boat named the “Sea-Esta” in the middle of sea lion county, you can’t be surprised when a sea lion takes you up on that offer.Sea Lions in San Francisco

For the most part Sea Lions just sleep, and sleep and sleep some more. They like to lie in the sun and make some random moaning/grunting noises to let you know that they are content with their sea lion lives.

Occasionally they sort of get up and stretch themselves before settling back in for some more sleep.

Sea Lion in San Francisco

Sea Lion in San Francisco

Every once in a while, two sea lions will get their hearts set on the same sleeping area  (on an otherwise empty dock) and they will engage in some low energy shoving and chest bumping (complete with low sea lion  barks) until they figure out who can claim the sleeping spot. In most instances this ends with both sea lions passed out next to each other.

Sea Lions playing in San Francisco

Sea Lions playing in San Francisco

After a while, a guy in a boat came by to evict our friend on the “Sea-Esta.” It involve quiet a bit of maneuvering and coaxing to even get the sea lion’s attention. At one point I think the guy even tried to reason with the Sea Lion – you can imagine how well that went…

Finally, throwing some long rope at the sleeping sea lion was enough to convince him to move along. He swam over to another dock and paddled around for a bit. The guy in the boat went to scare off a few other sea lions and then headed out. At which point, our friend stopped his paddling, swam back to the boats and re-boarded. Ahh the life of a sea lion.

Sea Lion taking a Sea-Esta in San Francisco

Sea Lion taking a Sea-Esta in San Francisco

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  1. Holly says:

    I love the napping sea lion, and the boat name is really clever!

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