Hotel Safety when Traveling Solo

Creative Commons photo credit: Hanumann

Creative Commons photo credit: Hanumann

If you find yourself staying in a hotel, rather than a hostel, as a solo traveler, there are certain precautions you shoud take to stay safe. Although most hotels are relatively safe, single travelers can become targets if they aren’t careful.

Before Booking:

  • Look for a hotel that offers rooms the open into an interior hallway. Avoid motels and other establishments with outdoor corridors.
  • Research the location of the hotel. Make sure its a well populated area. If you are using public transportation make sure the station is located nearby.
  • If you will be driving, try to understand where the parking will be located in relation to the hotel.
  • Plan your travel times to try to avoid arriving after dark.

While Checking In:

  • Make sure your room number is given to you in a discrete manner. If the front desk verbally announces your number, politely ask for a new room
  • Let them know that you only need one key and that no one else will be picking up a key
  • Ask about the hotel/room safes. The safes should be individual and either in your room or behind the front desk. If they use combinations, you should have the ability to set your own combination.
  • Request to have a room near the elevators and not on the ground floor. If you are near the elevators you are less likely to be down down dark corridor.

    Creative Commons via Dries Buytaert

    Creative Commons via Dries Buytaert


During Your Stay:

  • Don’t use the breakfast pre-order forms. Think about it. You write that you want a small fruit bowl and a skim latte for one delivered at 7:15am and hang it out side. You might as well put a sign on the door knob saying that you are a single woman staying alone who will be expecting a knock on her door at 7:15.
  • For similar reasons, avoid using the “Do Not Disturb” sign. It pretty much announces that you are inside sleeping. Alternatively, the “Please Clean” sign lets people know you aren’t inside and are ready to be robed.
  • When you are in your room, always latch your door with the chain or other keyless lock.
  • If someone comes to your door claiming to be matainence, or room service that you did not request call the front desk and confirm that they were sent by the hotel. If the person at the door tries to convince you to let them in without double checking, consider this a red flag and report them. A hotel employee shouldn’t have any issue with you confirming.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. As you walk back to your room check to see if anyone follows you into the hotel or into the elevator.
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