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Renting a Car while Abroad

Road in Israel

When I first started traveling internationally, transportation fell into one of two categories: public transportation and my feet. The thought of renting a car never even crossed my mind – for some reason I had already ruled it out as overly complicated, expensive or even dangerous. It wasn’t until I was planning my trip to Israel in 2010 that a light bulb went off. I had been staring at the complicated schedule of buses that ran sporadically through the northern part of the country when it occurred to me that I was adding on extra DAYs to my travel time by depending on buses.  … Read More

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Misadventure Monday: John from Travel Rinse Repeat

John from Travel Rinse Repeat

This post is part of a L’appel Du Vide feature, Misadventure Mondays. In each segment, I’ll ask one of my favorite travel bloggers to share one of their Travel Misadventures. This Monday, John from Travel Rinse Repeat shares with us his story of a breakdown in Argentina. Tell me a little about yourself: I’m a perpetual traveler, constantly on the road for both business and leisure travel. Currently, I’m working in in the American South with frequent visits to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Hampton Roads, but this will all change in the next couple months. For personal travel, my upcoming destinations include Santa … Read More

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