Announcing My Next Trip

Golden Gate Bridge

Aslakr / via Creative Commons

Drum… roll please….okay, I’m guessing this announcement has lost some if not all of it’s drama unless you don’t recognize the giant red  bridge from the photo above.  Yes, that’s right my next trip will be to San Francisco. West Coast Baby.
I’ve actually been to San Francisco a few times since I graduated college. On my first two visits, I was able to hit most of the sites and on my third visit I drove down the coast along Route 1 to visit Big Sur and Monterey.
So why am I going back? 

Photo by Samuel Wantman via Creative Commons

San Francisco is a great city, and because of that I have lots of friends who have moved there so one of the main reasons for my visit is to see all of them.
Secondly, although I had a chance to briefly explore some of the regions around San Fran I’ve never spent much time in Napa and the Muir Woods. That’s why I am really excited to spend the day visiting those areas with Extranomical Tours!

Courtesy Extranomical Tours

It will be a full day of visiting the Muir woods in the morning followed by a afternoon wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma. So excited. I’m a big fan of wine tasting and obviously this area is known for being one of the best regions in the US. I’m not an expert wine taster (although, not to brag, I have seen Bottleshock twice), but I am excited to learn more while I’m there.

Then, of course, I’m pumped to do my number one favorite thing in San Francisco. Visiting these big guys down by the pier:

Photo by Bill Lim via Creative common

Oh Em Gee. Adorable.  I might take one home with me on the plane.  
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2 Responses to Announcing My Next Trip

  1. Erik says:

    I just spent 15 awesome days in San Francisco and Northern California in September of 2011. Have fun- looking forward to the post!

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