What’s in a Name? Vote Now!

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So I’ve had a couple of suggestions that I change the name of my blog to something a little easier to remember. I’ve also heard that the mismatch between my domain name (Traveling Liz) and my blog name (L’appel Du Vide) is confusing.

So, while I really like my blog name, I am now considering changing it to the simple “Traveling Liz.” But – before I make that update I thought I would ask my readers what they thought.  To that end, I have set up a poll on the right side bar to get your opinion. (Also below) Please please take a few minutes and cast your votes. Feel free to leave a comment below with your reasoning. 

Should I change the name of this blog?

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6 Responses to What’s in a Name? Vote Now!

  1. Daniel says:

    Clearly you should get rid of the French. What are you, a communist?

    P.S. Hey look, I read your blog!

  2. EB says:

    If I knew what L’appel Du Vide meant I would probably say stick with that.

  3. rob says:

    I like the name, but recognize that the purpose of the name is to attract people and not a lot are going to know what it means.

    Change the name to something that’ll attract people, and keep a reference to the current name in the “About” section..

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