Lake Bled’s Summer Toboggan

The church in the middle of Lake Bled
View of Lake Bled

In my opinion, Lake Bled, in Slovenia, is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Already a naturally beautiful setting, a lake surrounded by mountains and greenery with a small island in the middle – Lake Bled also has some stunning architectural additions including a castle high up on the mountains and (most famously) a quaint church on its lake island. You could no doubt spend hours walking and biking the trails around the lake just enjoying the view. 

However, if you get bored of just admiring the scenery, Bled is also home to a wide array of adventure sports and activities. Canyoning, white water rafting, mountain biking and the lesser know summer toboggan.
The Summer Toboggan at Lake Bled, Slovenia

The Ski Lift at the Summer Toboggan

If you are anything like me, you have probably never heard of a summer toboggan – and honestly it could be something that only exists at Lake Bled. The enterprising people who run the ski slopes by the lake have found a way to make money year round by adding a metal track to one of the ski slopes and letting people ride down at break neck speeds (40 km/h) on a plastic toboggan. No doubt an activity designed for the younger generation, its still a bit of fun for an afternoon and offers some great views of the Lake.
Riding the Toboggan down to the bottom

Me riding a plastic yellow toboggan

You can by a ticket for one or more rides before you hope on the ski lift which takes you to the top of the slope. There you are issued a your very own yellow toboggan and given instructions. The basic gist of the operations is a metal stick in the front of the toboggan. Push the stick forward to accelerate and backwards to break. That’s it. Now you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.
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