January in Review

Welcome to the end of January – I hope you all had a great start to 2012!  As you know I like to wrap up each month by summarizing any blog news and highlighting my favorite posts from my blog as well as from other travel bloggers.

L’appel Du Vide Highlights

This month I didn’t get to post as much as I would have liked to due to all the technical issues I was having. Hopefully I’ll be back next month with a more frequent and reliable posting schedule. My main focus this month was on questioning how we travel. With my post about a tour of a floating village in Cambodia I questioned if sometimes we as tourists threaten the integrity of the sites we visit. I also took a look at how cynical travelers become after several trips.  I also took a look at some of the less desirable people I find I meet when traveling. 

This month I also shared stories about experiences form some of my past trips. The first was meeting a wonderful restaurant owner in Safeed and the great meal he prepared for us.  I also posted about flying down a Lake Bled mountain side on the summer toboggan

Finally I did a few ‘informational’ posts about topics that I have found interesting while traveling. My first post dealt with facts about Amsterdam’s Red Light district (for example what will happen if you try to photograph the girls).  The next post talked about the evolution of the famous Egyptian Pyramid including the lesser known step pyramid.

Blog News

Of course the big news this month is that I made the big switch from blogger to wordpress. With that switch came a brand new blog layout. I’m still playing with some of the details, so don’t be surprised if you see things moving around form time to time, but for the most part this is what the ol’ blog will be looking like for the foreseeable future.

With the new layout came a really fun slew of technical problems – the biggest of which was that all my subscribers got dumped. So if you used to get updates and you no longer do, make sure to click on the fun orange button on the right sidebar or you also Subscribe to L’appel du Vide by Email!

L’appel Du Vide Around the Web

L’apThis month I got the guest post on one of my favorite travel blogs, yTravel Blog. You can check out the post, about Visiting the Western Wall.

I was also once again featured on Suzy Guese’s wonderful segment “Suzy Stumbles Over Travel” for my post about being cynical while traveling, The Writing on the Ceiling.

Other Travel Blogs

Here is a short list of posts I enjoyed on other Travel Blogs:

  • Mathew tells the hilarious tale of recovering his stolen laptop using the tracking software Prey over at Expert Vagabond.  Using a secret camera he is able to take screen shots of the thieves in order to shame them into returning his computer.
  • Lauren from Neverending Footsteps has a great post about her visit to the site of the Chernobyl disaster. This is an older post, but I thought I would highlight it since Ukraine recently reopened the place for tours to the public.
  • Earl at Wandering Earl has a great post about why you can go out and travel the world on your own as a solo traveler. He makes some great points about the reasons why most people are afraid to travel alone and how you can overcome those fears.
  • Jamie from Breakaway Backpacker has a really sweet post about a man he meets in Cairo who shows him a different side of the city that only a local knows. I love hearing about the special people that travelers meet along the road.
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  1. Jaime says:

    Yay for the switch WORDPRESS is AMAZING!!! I love it… So user friendly and lets you do so much!!! Thank you so much for including me in this round up. I love that I am listed with bloggers I admire.

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