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Our Dinner Date Disaster in Essaouira

Olives for sale in a market in Essaouira

After a full day in Essaouira, it was time to shower up and head out to meet our dinner date. Where, you might ask did the three of us find a dinner date during our one day in Morocco. Well, it started out well enough: During our day at the Market, we met a Moroccan vendor who was about our age. He was very friendly and invited us to join him for tea in the back of his stall. We had read that this was traditional in Morocco and since we were still visible from the street we figured there was no … Read More

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Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


After my visit to the  Killing Fields outside of Phnom Penh, I had my tuk tuk driver take me back to the city to visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum was formerly a High School in Phnom Penh before the rise of the Khmer Rouge. When the Khmer Rouge took over the city and expelled the citizens, all the schools were closed. The city became a black box and no one from the outside world knew the full story of what was truely happening inside Phnom Penh. Years later, in 1979, after the deaths of millions … Read More

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The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Skulls at the Killing Feilds in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Located just outside of  Phnom Penh, the infamous Cambodia Killing Fields are one of the most important places you can visit in Cambodia to understand the history of the Khmer People. As I mentioned before, I had read Loung Ung’s book First They Killed My Father about her history living under the Khmer Rouge’s oppressions before my visit. Her story gave me great background into the atrocities committed by the regime, but the memorial gave me an even deeper understanding of the suffering of the Cambodian people. (For additional background on the Khmer Rouge, I also recommend a visit to … Read More

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Today’s Photo: Golden Gate Bridge

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SkyMall Slam Dunks


Ahh Skymall, the always companion of travelers. Admit it, you read it on every flight. But I know you all are busy people. Sometimes you just don’t have time on that 20 hour flight to carefully peruse every SkyMall offering. So, in the spirit of the Holidays, I’ve taken it upon myself to find and review the highlights. If you don’t have any travel planned, no worries - these are all available for order online. You can thank me by getting me one of those replica Lord of the Ring’s hobbit feet.Face Gator – $14.99 Stop Germs with Style Lucky you, the … Read More

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Suggested Reading


Something that you rarely hear about when people tell tales of travel is just how much free time you have. Hours on plans and trains (and waiting for them), nights in hostels waiting for the noise to die down, meals eaten alone, etc. Not to say that this free time is a bad thing – these are the times when I meet people, think about the experiences I am having and take the time to people watch. This is also the time I read… book after book after book. I probably read more in a week on a trip than … Read More

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December 7, The Day That Will Live in Infamy

The USS Arizona Memorial in Ohau, Hawaii

Today is December 7 – The 70th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941. During the attack,  over 2000 Americans were killed in and near the waters of Pearl Harbor. Today, Pearl Harbor is still a US Navy Station, it’s also home to several memorials dedicated to honoring the lives lost on that day. Being from a Military Family, and having lived in Pearl Harbor for several years, this memorial is one that I always felt very close to. I have been to each part of the the Memorial several times. (Which is why some of these photos are taken … Read More

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Why would you visit Bosnia?

A Sarajevo Rose in Bosnia

  A “Sarajevo Rose” in Sarajevo, Bosnia It’s amazing how often I got that question when I told people our plan to visit the former Yugoslavia, and honestly its not hard to understand why people ask. For much of the early 90′s, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the countries surrounding it, were eclipsed by war. Although Tito had held the many ethnic and cultural groups together during his time, after his death multiple factors contributed to divisions within the area. First, Slovenia declared (and won) its independence, shortly followed by the adjacent areas. Unfortunately, unlike the Slovenian independence, the other revolutions … Read More

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Mostar, Beauty Among the Ruins

The old bridge in Mostar, Bosnia

After leaving Sarajevo and our misadventures in the Bosnian highland villages, we arrived in Mostar. Our arrival was a little rocky, we got lost finding our hostel and were underwhelmed by the communist style buildings all around us. In fact, our hostel was located in what appeared to be a old and mostly abandoned apartment complex. Bombed out building in Mostar Sarajevo has healed many of its scars. Mostar has not. At least towards the city edges, the rubble of war is still very raw. Burned out buildings and bullet holes were highly visible as we walked from our hostel … Read More

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Today’s Photo: The Nile in Cairo

The Nile in Cairo
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