December in Review

Monks walking their dog at Angkor Wat

Happy Holidays to all of my reader(s) (Is the ‘s’ to hopeful? possibly). The end of December wraps of my third full month of continuous blogging. Three Months. If this was a middle school relationship things would be getting pretty serious right about now. I’m talking sharing-a-locker-serious. I know this months wrap up is a little early, but I’ll be back next week with a year long wrap up for your reading pleasure.

L’appel Du Vide Highlights:

This month I wrapped up some posts on several trips I took this summer.

First, I discussed my trip to Bosnia starting with a picture essay on Mostar, a beautiful jewel of an old town surrounded by the ruins from the recent war. Next I did a post discussing my reasons for visiting Bosnia and some of the highlights of my trip.

Next I did a series of posts highlighting my experiences in Cambodia where I learned about the impact of the Khmer Rouge, first at the Killing Fields and then at the S21 security prison

Several of my posts were featured on other blogs this month:

Other Travel Blogs:

  • Heather over at Ginger Nomads did a great post about her trip to the Mekong Delta. I loved hearing the ‘nuts and bolts’ elements such as the bus break down, but also hearing her thoughts about what she saw during her three day trip. She also did a follow up post highlighting some of the photos from her trip.
  • This next post comes from a new blog Further Abound which I’ve loved reading. She writes about the 12 things she will miss while traveling including blonde hair dye and toilets. Its a funny look at the things you take for granted living at home but must live without out on the road.
  • Jeremy at Budget Travel Adventures is doing a really cool road trip of College Football games. His most recent game was the Army/Navy game up in Annapolis. You  know I love Navy football, so I really enjoyed reading his post and seeing his photos from his trip.
  • This isn’t from this month, but I found it recently and it’s one of the craziest travel stories I’ve read. Kate at Adventurous Kate gets shipwrecked during a blog press trip and ends up stranded on the rocky shores of Komodo Island. Needless to say her review isn’t exactly what they were hoping for…

PS. Want to see my other Months in Review? Check out my October and  November reviews!

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5 Responses to December in Review

  1. Rob says:

    I sure hope that there's someone other than me reading. I don't think I'm ready for a "sharing a locker" level of commitment! :)

    Reading your summary I was reminded of a rule I was told years ago for a successful presentation. First, tell them what you're going to tell them, then tell them, and then tell them what you told them. Blogging doesn't necessarily have those rules, or at least not in that order, but the spirit is there.

    Have a great new year's celebration!

  2. Jeremy Branham says:

    Thanks so much for including me! Glad you enjoy the College Football Travel Tour. I've only touched the surface of Annapolis and the Naval Academy so I will feature much more from the game and the city in 2012!

    I had read about Kate's shipwreck adventure but the other two are new to me. However, I can't relate to missing blonde hair dye! :)

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      I’m excited to read your future updates. I don’t use blonde hair dye either but man do I miss a blow dryer when I travel!

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