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Today’s Photo: Statue of Liberty

New York, New YorkTaken on a disposable camera when I was 18 (can you tell?) :-)

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2011 – The year in Review

The Step Pyramid in Egypt

Only a few day’s left in 2011. In a totally orginal move throughout the internet, I am going to wrap up my 2011 with some photos and highlights from my travels. It’s been a crazy year with so much happening. Looking back at my life on this day in 2010, almost nothing is the same now as it was then. And whats in store for 2012? Stay tuned and find out! (Ps. If you missed December in Review, you can find it here) The step pyramid in Cairo January 2011 – EgyptThree days after New Years, in January of 2011 … Read More

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Visiting the Dead Sea

IsraelandJordan 304

Dead Sea from afar About ten seconds after we decided we were going to go to Israel, I started getting excited about visiting the Dead Sea. I knew almost nothing about it except that nothing lived in it and that you could float really easily, but I had been wanting to visit forever. (Embarrassing Confession: When my knowledge of geography was a lot weaker, I had an awkward moment in Istanbul where I confused the Black Sea with the Dead Sea…I was hugely disappointed when I realized how different they were..) So basically, my idea of the dead sea was … Read More

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Today’s Photo: Athens, Greece


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December in Review

Monks Walking Dog in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Monks walking their dog at Angkor Wat Happy Holidays to all of my reader(s) (Is the ‘s’ to hopeful? possibly). The end of December wraps of my third full month of continuous blogging. Three Months. If this was a middle school relationship things would be getting pretty serious right about now. I’m talking sharing-a-locker-serious. I know this months wrap up is a little early, but I’ll be back next week with a year long wrap up for your reading pleasure. L’appel Du Vide Highlights: This month I wrapped up some posts on several trips I took this summer. First, I discussed … Read More

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Conquering Masada

The fortress atop Masada in Israel near the Dead Sea

After crossing over the border from Jordan and driving through the Southern Negav area of Israel, our first overnight stop was near the historic Masada.  Masada is an old Israeli fortress located at the top of a small mountain near the dead sea. It’s very well known as part of Jewish History and has become a popular stop of Birthright and other tourist groups. Part of the experience of Masada is hiking up before sunrise so that you can see the sun rise over the dead sea from the mountain top. Despite this, there is really only one convenient place to … Read More

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Today’s Photo: Cherry Blossoms in DC

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ABC, easy as 123

The Deck on my Cruise ship up the Nile in Egypt

Audrey from That Backpacker recently tagged me to take part in the ABCs of Travel.  I know its cheesy like a chain letter (or as Chester the Cheetah would say, it’s dangerously cheesy) but I thought it would be a fun way to recap some of my travel experiences so what the hey. A: Age you went on your first international trip: When I was 16, I went to Paris on a school trip to study Art History. I remember being in such awe at everything that I was literally gawking at the Charles De Gaulle airport before we had even … Read More

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4 Quirky Amsterdam Facts

The I Amsterdam sign near the Rikes in Amsterdam

  Amsterdam may be one of the most well know cities in Western Europe. Before I went there in September 2011, I thought I had it all figured out: Cheese, Coffee Houses, Dutch Masters, Anne Frank and Windmills. During my week in the city, I was surprised to learn how much more interesting Amsterdam was than I had imagined. Every street seemed to hold a new piece of interesting trivia that made the city tick – these are some of my favorites: 1. Crooked Teeth Houses Line the CanalsAs you walk around the canals of Amsterdam, you can’t help but … Read More

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Photos of Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan

Wadi Rum is the desert in Jordan south of Petra and north of Aqabba. Through our hostel in Wadi Musa (the town near Petra), we were able to arrange transport on a mini bus to the outskirts of Wadi Rum. However, even though we had pre-purchased our tickets, when we arrived at the bus stop we discovered that there were no more seats. There was also no more floor space, as other travelers had taken those spots as well.  Instead, we were given ‘seats’ in the bus driver’s son’s truck. Lets just say his driving left a lot to be … Read More

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