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Istanbul: Food, Drink and Narleigh

The Mosque at twilight near the water in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Mosque at twilight Although Istanbul is full of famous historic sites, its also a really fun city to just hang out in. During my visit there in November 2009, we had a great time eating, drinking and smoking the traditional Turkish water pipe: Narleigh. Although we ate out almost every meal we were there, we quickly found that the best food was the street food.  Our favorite were this (lamb?) meatball sandwiches being sold by men in carts near the river on the way to Ortakoy.     The men had fresh vegetables, spices and meat which they would … Read More

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Photos of Occupy DC

Occupy DC sign in Washington, DC

The Occupy DC group, a branch of the Occupy Wallstreet Movement, has set up two camps in DC: one at McPherson Square and the other in Freedom Plaza near the Ronald Reagan Building.  This isn’t a political blog, so I won’t get into the reasons or issues at hand – those can easily be found in many other places. I wanted to share some of the photos I took of the group at McPherson Square this past Saturday. Walking around the square where the group is organized is fascinating. During my visit a band was playing for a group of … Read More

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Photo fo the Day: Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru

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Guest Post: Cruise Down the Nile

Abu Simel in Egypt

    I’m Guest Blogging again today! Check out my post about a Cruise Down the Nile over at Twenty Something Travel.

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Reader Question – Going to Peru? Issues and Concerns

Llamas in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru

I’m fascinated by your trip to Peru. I’ve traveled a lot but always been hesitant about South America. Did you have any problems/issues/OMG I’m never coming back moments?                                                                                         – Rob P. , Rocky Mountains, USAHey Rob -Thanks for your question! Personally I loved Peru- probably one of my favorite trips. Its a wonderful country with tons to see and do. Overall, it also felt very safe, but that probably depends on your comfort level and where you are visiting. I mainly took overnight buses to get around and stayed in hostels on the nights I wasn’t traveling. (You can … Read More

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Landmines, The Never Ending War

Landmine Musuem in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Cambodian Landmine Problem Cambodia is home to the largest number of amputees in the world. It’s impossible to visit the country without seeing amputees – a situation which is only compounded by the lack of availability of prosthetics. Most people are forced to do with ill fitting or homemade devices, or they simply go without. Although I had seen many of these amputees in the entrances to the Angkor temples, it wasn’t until my visit to the Cambodia Land Mine Museum, near Siem Reap, that I fully understood the reasons and implications. Most if not all of these amputees were victims … Read More

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Guest Post: Don’t Stop Belizing

Belize! 065

Kids playing in the school yard Today I’m guest blogging!  Check out my post about volunteering in Belize over at Amanda’s blog, A Dangerous Business.

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Sabbath in the City – Friday in Jerusalem

Temple on the Mount in Israel

We were sitting cross legged on the ground of a stone walkway overlooking the Western Wall plaza. Each of us had brought a large bottle of water that we sipped on frequently as we tried to squeeze ourselves into the little shade offered by the wall we leaned against. It was still daylight, an hour before the setting sun would indicate the start of the Sabbath, but the crowds were already assembling below. To our left, the golden dome of the Temple on the Mount shined with the last rays of the setting sun. We had only planned on staying in Jerusalem for three nights before heading to … Read More

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October in Review

IsraelandJordan 374

Whew – I can’t believe October is already over (4 days ago). Since this is the end of the first real month that I’ve been blogging I thought it would be nice to sum up some highlights from my blog and some of the posts I’ve enjoyed reading from other travel blogs. If its your first visit, this post will help you “get your feet wet” without having to go through every post on my blog. (I know that was a stretch but I wanted to make the picture work.) L’appel du Vide Highlights Trip Planning Parts I, II, IIIThis … Read More

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5 tips for when the weather doesn’t cooperate while traveling

Phnom Penh in the Rain

  Phnom Penh in the rain   As you may have heard, the East Coast got some weird weather this weekend (also known as Snoloween). I couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor tourists who must have come to DC expecting a nice fall weekend monument tour and instead had to trek through snow and sleet. I had actually planned to head down to the national mall on Saturday, but because of the weather decided to reschedule for a weekend with sunnier skies. It was nice that since I live here I had this option – obviously when you … Read More

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