Fall in DC

Tree near the White House  

One of the great parts of living somewhere is that you get a chance to see it all year round. I’ve never been to Paris in the Spring, and I’ve only ever seen Eastern Europe under a foot of snow, but I get a chance to see DC in every season. Right now, its fall in DC and the trees are beautiful. These are some of my favorite photos from around the Mall, Union Station and the White House.

Union Station
Vietnam Memorial

Clearly I got sidetracked….
Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial
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3 Responses to Fall in DC

  1. Rob says:

    Excellent photos. Even the furry rat looked cute. I used to head to DC for a couple of weeks every week from Colorado (I got very tired of those flights) and determined that I like the area in the autumn(October/November -ish) and spring. Other than that it was too chilly or two hot! But it's hard to miss how beautiful it can be.

  2. Janet Partlow says:

    How did you get so close to those squirrels?! I didn't know the DC squirrels were as domesticated as the UVA ones that would run into peoples lawn rooms :-P

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