Dr. Fish Spa

Dinner Time!

Siem Reap, the town outside of the Angkor Wat complex, is full of fun things to do and see while you rest up from a busy day at the temples. Shopping, night life, outdoor movie theaters and spas literally cover ever street. When I was there in Summer 2011, the ‘Dr. Fish’ Spa was all the rage. I’m not sure if ‘Dr. Fish’ is the original company or what – but from what I saw they all had the same name.

Free beer with Fish Pedicure

Most of the places had the same drill. Pay a few dollars and get unlimited QT with the fish. In a show of true free market competition most of them now offered extras like free beers. You could literally find a place offering these ‘fish pedicures’ every 100 feet or so but the quality ranged from large marble fountains with free Angkor documentary screenings to street food vendors with 15 gallon buckets.
I opted for the mid range option which was your basic tub full of human flesh eating fish. The sensation is really one of the craziest things I’ve ever felt. Its a mixture between pin pricks and tickling that  makes it almost impossible to keep your feet in the tub at first. After a few minutes though you start to get used to the little nippers and you are able to keep your feet in for longer.

While we sat there a group of about six gathered with their feet in the tub. It was pretty gross to see how the herd of fish would flock to the ‘fresh meat’ that put their feet in (Hope no ones eating lunch!). After about 15 minutes of nomming on some old skin, the fish would start to lose interest (and probably your feet started to run out of fish food).

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