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6 Tips for visiting the "BIG" sites


  Angkor Wat under construction Angkor Wat in Cambodia is legendary. An ancient city, lost to the western wall and “found” in the modern era. Partially reclaimed by the jungle, the ruins reputation is known throughout the world and tempts thousands of visitors form hundreds of miles away. It is for sure the highlight of any trip. Its also an exhausting two to three day touring extravaganza, populated with picture taking tourists and pushy local touts. Most travelers fantasize so much about their visits to the BIG site seeing spots: Petra, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, etc that they sometimes skim over … Read More

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Photos from the Accra Market

Masks for sale in the market in Accra, Ghana

Masks made from wood and old soda cans. For sale in a Market in Accra, Ghana A Man adds beads to a wooden elephant

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