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6 Tips for visiting the "BIG" sites


  Angkor Wat under construction Angkor Wat in Cambodia is legendary. An ancient city, lost to the western wall and “found” in the modern era. Partially reclaimed by the jungle, the ruins reputation is known throughout the world and tempts thousands of visitors form hundreds of miles away. It is for sure the highlight of any trip. Its also an exhausting two to three day touring extravaganza, populated with picture taking tourists and pushy local touts. Most travelers fantasize so much about their visits to the BIG site seeing spots: Petra, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, etc that they sometimes skim over … Read More

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Photos from the Accra Market

Masks for sale in the market in Accra, Ghana

Masks made from wood and old soda cans. For sale in a Market in Accra, Ghana A Man adds beads to a wooden elephant

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Dining in the Dark

While in Montreal, my friends and I visited the famous O.Noir  restaurant. Although the food is good, the main draw is the atmosphere – or rather the lack there of. Meals are served completely in the dark. No lights, no candles (sorry for the misleading visual), no blinking cell phones. The idea is that since your sense of sight is gone, your other senses will be really focused on the meal. You will supposedly taste your food in a whole new way. We made reservations ahead of time for one of their planned seating times. They usually have two servings … Read More

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Earning Frequent Flyer Miles Without Ever Leaving Home


ABC’s new Pan Am show I recently started watching ABC’s new series Pan Am….I’d like to say that I had hopes about this show, but the truth is I expected it to be mediocre and so far it has been. I was hoping for something along the lines of “Mad Men” meets the “Amazing Race”…but it was more “Sex and the City” meets “a really boring flight I once took.” I did get a few giggles out of the first episode being called “Pilot.” This was pretty obviously unintentional but you know…pilot…get it… okay I’m done. Anyway, watching an entire show about … Read More

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Prague: My Day of No

The Charles Bridge in Prague on a Snowy Day

Charles Bridge in Prague I have been incredibly lucky in my travels – I’ve had amazing experiences and (with a few exceptions) rarely does anything go wrong. I love filling my trips with fun, quirky and interesting activities that allow me squeeze every last drop out of the experience. To make the most of my time I try to plan ahead and research the must dos of each city. My trip to Prague was no exception. My friend and I had planned two very full days to see the city, taste the beer, attend the opera and experience this gem … Read More

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Great Pyramids: Cairo, Egypt

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt

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Trip Planning 101 Part IV: Booking Hotels/ Transportation


There are many options when it comes to transportation while traveling This post is part of a series on planning a trip. The other posts covered choosing a location, booking airline tickets and Creating an Itinerary. I feel like if you’ve been reading this far you should have at least gotten to Trip Planning 201… and yet here we are in another 101 class….. After determining your itinerary,  you have to decided where you will stay and how long you will stay in each place. Moving hotels too often can be exhausting, so its often better to choose a ‘home base’ … Read More

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Guest Post: Phnom Penh Top 5

Monks in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I’m guest blogging today over at Top Backpacker Destinations about my Phnom Penh experience. Go check it out here!

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Walking on Water: the Siq trail in Wadi Mujib

The water filled Wadi Mujib Siq in Jordan

We had planned to spend our first day in Jordan driving down the King’s Highway from Madaba towards Petra. We had been told that the historic road offered interesting scenery and many stopping points of interest. The night before we had worked with our hotel to hire a car to take us on our desired route with stops at a few recommended sites. Afterwards we took a short stroll through the town and pretty soon our clothes were plastered to our bodies and we were exhausted from the intense heat of the Jordanian summer.  It was enough to convince us to throw away … Read More

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Trip Planning 101: Part III – Creating an Itinerary

The Tunisia to Iceland flight can be a killer… This post is part of a series on planning a trip. The other posts covered choosing a location and booking airline tickets. When traveling for a limited amount of time and on a limited budget, I find that its always helpful to plan out an itinerary ahead of time. As I’ve mentioned before, some people like to travel with lots of flexibility in their plans and more power to them. This guide is probably not for those people. Although, sometimes the best experiences can come from last minute changes to plans and decisions on … Read More

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