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And now the bad news

Now that I’ve gone through the sunnier side of hosteling, I think its only fair to reveal the seedy underbelly of the hosteling world. Alright – well its not as bad as all that, but there can be some bad aspects of spending your holiday in a hostel. Here are some of the downfalls (and ways to mitigate these downfalls) that I’ve come across in my travels. 1. BYO everythingHostels are selling cheap accommodations, so it stands to reason that those little ‘extras’ that the Marriot offers might not be provided at the hostel. And by extras I mean things … Read More

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The hidden perks of Hosteling

Now that my summer travels are over, I want to get back to updating the blog on a more regular (and timely) basis. I will still try and put reviews of  my travel locations, but I also want to have more posts focused on travel topics rather than just destinations. I recently returned from a trip the the Netherlands where I split my week staying in two different hostels. Since I went alone, I had a lot of time to consider the various pros and cons of the hostel travel experience. Hosteling is definitely not for everyone – but it … Read More

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