The main entrance to the Fez Medina

When Idris finally dropped us off in Fez we were able to avoid the typical “locate your hostel needle in the haystack medina” by calling up the riad and having someone come meet us. Although similar to Marrakesh in many ways, Fez seemed to lacked the giant central square and bustling souk.

But, the architecture was beautiful. Especially the main gate which featured three Moroccan doors with blue tile. From the front you could also see distant minarets framed in the biggest door. The blue tiles of the gates were also present in the many fountains throughout the Medina. These fountains were used by locals and livestock to get a midday drink or do a quick was up.

Fountain in the Medina

Fez is famous for their leather tanning and we were able to get a quick overhead tour of one of the tanneries. The easiest way to arrange this is to wander the souk until someone offers to show you around. The obviously expect you to visit their shop afterward but its easy enough to just say you aren’t interested and not buy anything.


The process consists of dipping the hide in several vats which complete different parts of the process. These vats include, lye, pigeon droppings and other really good smelling stuff. Afterward, the hides are dyed and laid out in the sun to dry before they are cut to make various leather products.

Skins drying in the sun

The rest of the time in Fez we spent wandering the streets to see some of the various sights and taste a camel burger or two (actually just one).

Fuel Donkey
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