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The Moroccan Sahara on a Camel with no name

How ya doin? That night we headed to the edge of the Moroccan Sahara to prepare for our night in the desert. But first, Idris took us to see a surprise – which was an actual lake in the middle of the desert, with flamingos. It was really surreal. The flamingos weren’t pink, because there was no shrimp, but just seeing the water will all of the birds in the middle of the arid landscape was amazing. I definitely thought it was a mirage until we were literally touching it.  Idris at the desert lak  As with most … Read More

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The Moroccan Countryside

After our time in Marrakesh, we had booked a tour to take us up through the atlas mountains, through the Todra Gorge and to the Sahara on our way the Fez. The tour was for three days with our guide and driver Idris. Idris… was a bit of a card and very full of himself. Day one was okay, day two was a little worse and by day three I never wanted to hear him talk again. However, we were still on day one and still okay with him and more importantly the air conditioned card. After leaving the city, … Read More

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