Riads of Morocco

Riad in Essaouira

Usually where I stay is the least exciting aspect of traveling, I aim for the cheapest possible spot in the best possible location. But, in Morocco, I had heard that the Riads where the place to be – so true. These small guest houses usually have around 10 rooms centered around a common courtyard which is either covered or uncovered.

Our first Riad was in Essaouira and was wonderful. It was run by a funny wall eyed woman named Fatima who might not have been 100% with it, but made a great effort to act out everything she wanted to tell us. Our personal favorite was her imitation of a camel complete with sound effects.

Atrium in Marrakesh Riad

Our next Riad in Marrakesh has got to be my favorite place that I have ever stayed. It was homey, and comfortable, and just all around great. The atrium in the middle had a “dipping pool” just big enough to put your feet in or jump in for a quick cool off. There was also a rooftop lounge area with a couch and canopy. Nothing like stepping off the busy streets of the Medina into this calm sunny room.

Olives and Beer in Marrakesh

As with our Riad in Essaouira, the best part was the guy who ran the Riad. He was the nicest most attentive guy always there to let us in and provide us with a refreshing plate of olives and a few beers. He also made us breakfast and served it at the tables next to the dipping pool.

Riad in Fez

Our Riad in Fez was more Hostel than homestay. It still had the Atrium feel but there was no personal touch and the place was filled with loud tourists. There was also a weird see through bathroom door thing going on….

If you go to Morocco, make sure to stay in one of the many Riads in each city.

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