Djemaa el Fina in Marrakesh, Morocco

Kebobs for sale

The Djemaa El Fina in Marrakesh, Morocco, a large busy square near the souks, serves as a the central meeting place of the city. The square is full of people, food vendors, street performers, henna artists and animals. As the day progresses, the moveable stalls change to make way for different types of food and performers. But of course, for me, the main attraction was the food.

Dates for sale

In the afternoon, the square is full of stalls selling nuts, dates, and figs. After walking around we determined that most of the stalls were selling the same things for about the same prices. Most of the vendors allowed us to taste the nuts and dried fruits and we purchased a few bags of each to eat as we walked around. The main entertainment during the day was a multitude of snake and monkey charmers, the henna artists, the fortune tellers and the musicians.  It wasn’t uncommon to walk by charmers luring dancing snakes out of baskets next to children sitting on the ground getting flowers tattooed in henna on their hands.

Figs and other nuts

As the day progressed, several games were set up in the square. For a few coins you could participate to win the wonderful prize of 2 liter soda. The most popular game revolved around using a fishing pole to a hook a loop around the neck of a soda bottle. Much harder then it looked.

People walk through the stalls

The square is also famous for its orange juice vendors. Stall after stall filled with oranges, lemons and grapefruits which are squeezed in front of you. Since they only have a few glasses per vendor, you have to drink the juice at the stall after you buy it and then return the glass. The glass is then washed for the next customer. At least its green…

Orange Juice Vendors

Ordering a glass of OJ

At night, the orange juice stalls disappear, replaced by dinner. Kebobs, veggies, fish, lamb, and pita bread piled high and cooked to order. Each stall is set up with rows of benches and tables on which to eat your dinner. Its impossible to walk through the square without being tempted to have at least one Kebob. Best part was there wasn’t a Tajine in sight…

Dinner in the Djemaa el Fina

During dinner, other sellers walked around hawking Moroccan pastries and other desserts. There are also dessert stalls which sold some kind of chocolate spice cake and coffee which tasted pretty awful.

Ordering dinner

Monkey and trainer rest in the shad

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