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Bangkok River Boat Ride

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As you can imagine for a city with a river running through the center, Bangkok is home to many boats and one of the best ways to see the city is by hiring a boat to take you through some of the back canals. The first part of the trip brought us down the main strip of the river which is dotted with high rise hotels and office buildings with the occasional temple pagoda peeking up between them. Once we got into the back canals we started to see the other side of the city. Its amazing how different things … Read More

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Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House in Bangkok, Thailand

Jim Thompson House The Jim Thompson House in Bangkok is the former home of a famous expat who made his home in Thailand as a silk producer. In addition to the store which sells Jim Thompson silk products, the site also serves as a museum of Jim Thompson’s beautiful house and gardens. Cafe at Jim Thompson House Garden at Jim Thompson House   The house was designed and built by Jim Thompson in Thailand about 50 years ago. He combined several traditional Thai wooden houses to create the large spacious home on display today. In addition, he spent many years … Read More

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