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Riads of Morocco

Riad in Morocco

Riad in Essaouira Usually where I stay is the least exciting aspect of traveling, I aim for the cheapest possible spot in the best possible location. But, in Morocco, I had heard that the Riads where the place to be – so true. These small guest houses usually have around 10 rooms centered around a common courtyard which is either covered or uncovered. Our first Riad was in Essaouira and was wonderful. It was run by a funny wall eyed woman named Fatima who might not have been 100% with it, but made a great effort to act out everything … Read More

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Adventures in Essaouira

Blue Boats in Essaouira, Morocco

Fishing Boats in Essaouira harbor Our Ryanair flight from Madrid landed in early in Marrakesh, but we immediately got a ride to the coastal city of Essaouira. We had arranged for a taxi pick up in advance. (It cost about 50 euros split between the 3 of us, which was ideal since we couldn’t use the Marrakesh to Essaouira but because we were coming from the Airport and not the city center. For the ride back it was easy to locate the bus and buy one way tickets.) The ride in the cab was about two hours, and after two strait days of travel we were happy to get … Read More

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24 hours in Madrid

As I mentioned in my previous post, due to the high cost of airfare to Morocco, we ended up getting round trip flights to Madrid and then using the discount carrier, Ryanair to get to Morocco. This meant we had a 24 hour layover in Madrid. Amazing. Streets of Madrid Madrid is a beautiful city and we had great weather. Unfortunately, RS and I had had a bit of a rough flight without much sleep and perhaps a bit too much fun and needed to take a long nap after arriving at 8am. AM headed off to see the a … Read More

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Entrance to the Medina in Fez When: May 2010Where: Morocco with a stop over in SpainWho: RS and AM In May 2010, me and my friends RS and AM went to Morocco for a week for the memorial day holiday. I had always wanted to go to North Africa and I was excited for my first serious taste of the Islamic Culture after our quick trip to Istanbul. Because airfare directly to Morocco was so expensive, we ended up flying to Madrid and then taking a cheap Ryanair in and out of Morocco. This meant our first stop was a … Read More

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Bangkok River Boat Ride

Turkey_Greece, Thailand, etc 2009 832

As you can imagine for a city with a river running through the center, Bangkok is home to many boats and one of the best ways to see the city is by hiring a boat to take you through some of the back canals. The first part of the trip brought us down the main strip of the river which is dotted with high rise hotels and office buildings with the occasional temple pagoda peeking up between them. Once we got into the back canals we started to see the other side of the city. Its amazing how different things … Read More

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Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House in Bangkok, Thailand

Jim Thompson House The Jim Thompson House in Bangkok is the former home of a famous expat who made his home in Thailand as a silk producer. In addition to the store which sells Jim Thompson silk products, the site also serves as a museum of Jim Thompson’s beautiful house and gardens. Cafe at Jim Thompson House Garden at Jim Thompson House   The house was designed and built by Jim Thompson in Thailand about 50 years ago. He combined several traditional Thai wooden houses to create the large spacious home on display today. In addition, he spent many years … Read More

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Djemaa el Fina in Marrakesh, Morocco


 Kebobs for sale The Djemaa El Fina in Marrakesh, Morocco, a large busy square near the souks, serves as a the central meeting place of the city. The square is full of people, food vendors, street performers, henna artists and animals. As the day progresses, the moveable stalls change to make way for different types of food and performers. But of course, for me, the main attraction was the food.  Dates for sale In the afternoon, the square is full of stalls selling nuts, dates, and figs. After walking around we determined that most of the stalls were … Read More

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