Last day in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia at night

Up until this point, we had spent most of our time on the European Side of Istanbul, so for our last day, RS and I crossed the Galata Bridge to the Asian side and see the view from the Galata tower. Its not every day that you can literally walk between continents so that was awesome.

The city of Istanbul has a few above ground rail trams that run through the city streets. They will get you to the airport, but they don’t go very far into the Asian half of the city.  So the majority of this adventure was on foot. Given that it was late November, the weather in Turkey had been wonderful. Colder than Greece, but it was sunny and with a light jacket and jeans we were fine.

View from Galata Tower

The Galata tower was pretty cool. If you are wondering, it has an elevator so its not any kind of climb. There isn’t anything to do except see the view, which is great. You can see the Bosphorus and the European side of the city where the skyline is defined by the multitude of mosques and their minarets. 

Rumeli Castle

Afterwards, we headed back to the European side and took a cab to Rumeli Castle. At the time we didn’t know the name so we just had to describe it as best we could… luckily that actually worked and we ended up at our destination. The Castle was a really nice place to walk around – it had great views of the Bosphorus and the nearby bridge. At the base of the Castle was an old graveyard with some really interesting old headstones.

Inside of Mosque near Ortakoy

Next we took another cab to Ortakoy to see the Mosque and eat dinner. Although there isn’t much to do, its a nice view and with a lot of activity and fun street vendors. We had dinner and a few glasses of wine before we headed back home. Unfortunately the first cab we got in told us he wouldn’t take us back to our hotel becuase it was “just down the street.” Feeling foolish, we started walking, only to discover we were in fact several miles from the hotel. We walked for about an hour in the dark before we finally found a metro stop and caught a train back to our hotel.


Ortakoy Mosque


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