Cruise down the Bosphorus

Turkish flag over the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus River runs through the city of Istanbul separating the Asian side from the European side of the city. Ferries run from the main dock near the old city all the way down to Anadolu Kavagi.  Since the weather was nice, we decided to spend the day on the Ferry and see some of the sights along the river.

Anadolu Kavagi

The ferry left from the dock at around 10:30 and we tried to get there early to get good seats. Unfortunately, it seemed like everyone else had the same idea. We were able to get a few seats together on the upper deck and as the ride went on we were able to edge our way to the side so we could get a good view. The ride took about two hours before we reached the end of the line.

Anadolu Kavagi was a small town with the ruins of a castle atop a hill on the coast. We climbed up the hill, but decided to stop for lunch (and the awesome view) before the castle.

Our lunch view

After lunch, we had a short climb left. I had, as always, had a bit too much diet coke, and needed to pee like crazy before long. HL convinced me that there wouldn’t be any more toilets and that it wold be a lot more public at the top, so my best bet would be to go behind a tree. I really hope no one is about to judge me for what I am about to say, but the only place available ( I swear) was a park…/ graveyard…. I know I know, at the time it seemed like a desperate situation… Okay I am a horrible person, I swear I don’t normally pee on people’s graves.

Castle Ruins

So we finally get to the top, and of course right there is a toilet. Well…dang.

After exploring the castle for a while, and HL climbing as high as we possibly could, we headed back down form a quick baklava fix and to catch the ferry back.

On the way back, we spotted a few places along the Asian side that looked interesting, so RS and I decided to visit them the next day. HL was schedule to leave on a flight back to the states the next morning.

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