L’appel du Vide

There exists a psychological phenomenon in which perfectly sane people, with no desire to die, find themselves faced with a steep cliff and experience a strong desire to leap. To jump from their safe vantage point into the unknown. This phenomenon is so common in fact, that the french have a term for it: L’appel du Vide – Call of the Void.

Most people, thankfully, don’t jump. They stand, face to face with the precipice and inch forward bit by bit as far as they dare. They stretch out their arms, they lean forward, they let the great depth overwhelm them. Then they climb back down the mountain, return to life, and wait until the next time when they can stand, wind in their faces, toes on the edge and wonder “What if?”


There is really no non awkward way to start the first post of your first (unless a teenage angst filled livejournal counts) blog. So I decided to go the really pretentious route. Hopefully you weren’t to turned off. I hope that this blog will help me record my travels so that I won’t forget all the little details that make them wonderful. However, I fully anticipate that it will instead turn into a detailed account of how much I hate Delta Airlines. (I don’t know why I keep going back, I swear its like an abusive boyfriend situation).

Obviously I can’t travel all the time. At the beginning I am going to try and create posts on the most recent trips I have taken, so that should take a while. But after that you will have to put up with my other random thoughts during the in between. Maybe I will try to use these tags to help you avoid that junk.

Also, for fun, other titles considered:

Around the world in 80 years
A slightly less lonely planet (That actually made it as the URL text, because I know no one will remember the spelling of the actual title if I ever hope to have readers. Unfortunately, I guess if i ever do get popular, Lonely Planet can probably sue me.)
A quest for truth, knowledge, and frequent flyer miles

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5 Responses to L’appel du Vide

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  2. Melissa says:

    I was simply looking up The Call of the Void after watching an entertains danisnotonfire video, and I came across your blog. It’s hilarious! Thank you for posting

  3. Floris says:

    How funny.

    I was surfing the interwebs and ended up on Boredpanda.com, on a post titled “14 Untranslatable Words Turned Into Charming Illustrations” where I stumbled across a word for a feeling which I find interesting: l’Appel du Vide.

    After some happy googling (I finally found the actual word for it instead of a 1 or 2 sentence description which makes googling hard) I stumbled upon your website, where I saw your intro post about l’Appel du Vide.

    Now, I really don’t know you. So if you’re still out there posting things (where can I see what a blog’s date is?):

    - Who are you and where are you from?

    - Why do you travel? (What made you to?)

    - How long have you travelled?

    I don’t know how popular you are or if you’ve got any readers at all, but I just felt like writing this.



    P.S. I enjoyed your blogs on Amsterdam, I scrolled though them since I live in The Netherlands.

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