Shinto Gates as Tokyo Shrine Sale

Date: December 2008
Where: Japan… Mainly Tokyo
Who: The Family
Why: Christmas

My parents actually used to live in Japan, so this wasn’t my first time in that neck of the woods. I had been there a few years prior and got to see Kyoto, Mt Fuji and some other parts of Japan. This time we decided to spend a week in Tokyo so that we could really see the city.  On a personal note, I had been referring to Japan as the land of sadness for about three years, so it was a good chance for me to get on better terms with an entire country that has never done anything to me.  The first few days, we just chilled in the suburbs and did day trips….

First stop: Yokohama.
The trains in Japan are amazing and insane. They will take you anywhere in Japan that you want to go. If I didn’t know better, I would think you could get to Japan on a train. Seriously, give them 10 years and they will have that all worked out. But all the lines are owned by different companies, so you have to constantly switch tickets and go through turnstiles and of course everything is in Japanese so I pretty much never had any idea what was going on. But somehow, you always eventually end up somewhere and sometimes you just have to pretend that is where you wanted to go. Also there is this situation pictured.

I felt bad breathing near them.  

So anyway, we (me and my brother) took a train to Yokohama. We actually wanted to go there, so we got lucky this time with the trains. Yokohama is basically just a city with a big mall, a tall building, and a random amusement park. But it seems cool to me because, you know, its Japanese. Also, they really like their tall building, a lot

Bam – Yokohama
Its a very friendly building

So there is lots of really funny things to take pictures of like badly translated english, stores devoted entirely to Pokeman, etc. It helps you look like a really toolish tourist. “Omg haha so funny, look at this Wendy’s sign in Japaneese! Lets take a photo of it”

Fact: That happens.

Fact: That happens

So anyway, we went to the mall and then to the amusement park mainly to ride this giant ferris wheel which give you a pretty good view of the city. Plus, its pretty warm for it being December. I had been to the amusement park before, but I am glad I went again, because just for Christmas they had set up what I can only describe as a 10 square foot dance floor made up of snow.  Every half hour they would turn on the snow machine, turn on the techno and everyone would run to the dance floor to dance like crazy for the next 5 minutes.  I’m not going to say that I danced for five minutes like a crazy person to xmas techno music, but if you want to believe that I will let you.

So that was our day in Yokohama. Exciting, No. Did I still write an entire blog post about it, yes. Next Time, Tokyo!

The ‘dance floor’ when there was no music.
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