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Cusco and the Surrounding Ruins

Peru 304

Cusco’s Plaza de Armas After our morning at MP, we picked up our stuff from the hostel, took our train back and then took a split cab (with two Australian dudes) to Cusco. Cusco is a UNESCO world heritage site and was the ancient capital of the Inca civilization – so I was pretty excited to see it. That night, we didn’t get in until dark with just enough time to locate our hostel and eat some dinner in the town square. The next morning, AF flew in to join us and we spent the day exploring Cusco. In peru, you … Read More

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Machu Pichu in 10 easy steps – Part 2

View of Machu Pichu near Cusco Peru

Dogs chilling at the train stop We had now successfully made it to our trains point of departure. Our next step was to depart Ollentybaro for the small town near Machu Pichu. Step 6) Train to Aguas CalientesWe had some time to kill before our train departed. Luckily we had some dogs and some off brand chips to keep us company. Eventually the train pulled up and it was chaos trying to figure out where to sit. Eventually we located our car and took our seats. For the record their our several classes on this train to Aguas Calientes: I … Read More

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Journey to the top – Part 1

Machu Pichu near Cusco, Peru

   I’m going to be honest, I think the reason I wanted to go to Peru to begin with was to see Machu Pichu.  So of course we decided to do it first thing… well sort of. Getting to Machu Pichu has got to be the most difficult thing in the entire world. One just doesn’t hope off the plane in Peru and head up the mountain. No, its like a freakin adventure quest. Not to sound like a huge nerd, but it reminded me of the Zelda 64 game I played when I was younger where…okay stopping before the … Read More

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So I finally made it to Ghana. After some drama regarding who would take me to my hotel (La Palm Royal Beach Hotel), I eventually made it and got settled in. The hotel was a little… strange. It felt like a really nice hotel that maybe was abandoned for 20 years. There were lots of long empty hallways leading to even bigger empty rooms. All of the rooms were cabana style and my cabana was really far from the main lobby. Technically our hotel was on the beach, but the gate to the path that led down to the beach … Read More

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Gone (or attempting to be gone) to Ghana

Destination: Accra, GhanaWhen: March 2009 In 2009, I got to go to Ghana for work. At this point I decided that I was an official baller. Delta, as always was ready to crush my spirit. This is the story. The original plan was to fly from Dulles to Ghana through Amsterdam. I had an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam so I was even plan to leave the airport for a quick canal tour. ProTip: Don’t ever make plans that rely on the punctuality of Delta. So I arrive at the airport, check my bag, get my tickets and head to … Read More

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Japan 163

Okay so now that I completely bored you with a pointless post about a city with a mall, I’ll move on to the main attraction: Tokyoooooo (extra Os optional). (Side note, I feel like everyone should be impressed that I made it through an entire post without talking about how much I hate Delta airlines. Its not just that I think they are the worst, most poorly managed airline in the entire world. Its also that I think they are owned by Satan. But I didn’t mention that once through that entire last post.) No Boys Allowed! So anyway, we … Read More

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Shinto Gates as Tokyo Shrine Sale Date: December 2008 Where: Japan… Mainly Tokyo Who: The Family Why: Christmas My parents actually used to live in Japan, so this wasn’t my first time in that neck of the woods. I had been there a few years prior and got to see Kyoto, Mt Fuji and some other parts of Japan. This time we decided to spend a week in Tokyo so that we could really see the city.  On a personal note, I had been referring to Japan as the land of sadness for about three years, so it was a … Read More

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L’appel du Vide

There exists a psychological phenomenon in which perfectly sane people, with no desire to die, find themselves faced with a steep cliff and experience a strong desire to leap. To jump from their safe vantage point into the unknown. This phenomenon is so common in fact, that the french have a term for it: L’appel du Vide – Call of the Void. Most people, thankfully, don’t jump. They stand, face to face with the precipice and inch forward bit by bit as far as they dare. They stretch out their arms, they lean forward, they let the great depth overwhelm … Read More

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