Getting my Vietnam Visa

Hello from Vietnam! I know its been a while but I thought I would share a quick update about my most recent trip through Southeast Asia – specifically the visa situation. Of the four countries I am visiting on this trip (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia) only Vietnam does not allow Americans to get a Visa on Arrival. Well to be more precise, the three other countries allow you to walk to the border, pay some USD and get a visa – Vietnam is a little more complicated. As an American, you have two options to get a Visa if … Read More

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Most Exciting Expeditions for Wildlife

Have you ever dreamed of having a truly spectacular adventure to see the most breathtaking scenery somewhere in the most remote places on our Planet? Most likely, you have, but what about travelling to Antarctica, Arctic, or North Pole? Do you think it’s impossible? Hasten to assure you that it’s not! Once you decide to make this trip of a lifetime, you find out that there is a plenty of safe and comfortable opportunities for that! What’s more, according to Poseidon Expeditions, during such adventures, you will see absolutely unique and extremely rare wildlife you won’t find anywhere else! So … Read More

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I’m back!*

On a cruise in the Bahamas

*Sort of Hello to all of you out there who might still read this blog – after my extended break from blogging I’m guessing that number has dropped down to almost no one.  So here are my FAQ 1. Are you alive? Yes! Good news. I am in fact alive and well. My toe has mended and my ear drum has healed and with the exception of my new mongoose powers, the bite at the coffee plantation hasn’t had any long lasting impacts. 2. Why don’t you ever update this blog? I had every intention of keeping this blog going … Read More

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Camp Treachery


In late January, after five months of backpacking through Asia, I had finally returned to Western civilization: Australia. The land down under. Things were good. Modern. Comfortable. I was constantly amazed by the little conveniences of life that I had forgotten about -In my ardor, I even wrote a rather awkward manifesto about my love of toilet paper. I assumed the adventures were over. Enter Camp Treachery. I really only went to Australia on a long layover between Indonesia and New Zealand. I was there for four days with two main objectives: to visit Herb, a friend of mine from … Read More

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New Zealand’s Great Walks – Kepler and Routeburn


You may not know this (I certainly didn’t) but New Zealand is famous for it’s hiking – in fact one of the hike’s, the Milfred Trek was once described as the “Finest walk in the world.” A bold statement to be sure. Unfortunately, whenever something is the biggest, best (or in this case finest) it gets overrun with visitors. Such is the situation with the Milfred which is so crowded that you must book slots on the trek up to six months in advance. Which of course I didn’t. The DOC (Department of Conservation) only allows 40 people to walk … Read More

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My Travel Reading List

Believe it or not, this trip is going on it’s six month. And, in that time I’ve had a lot of time to read. Waiting at airports, endless bus rides, sleepless nights in mongolian tents…the list goes on. In fact, on this trip I’ve probably found more time to read than ever before and I thought it would be interesting (read: for me) to share my book list from this trip. In no particular order: OB VII – Leon Uris Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn Dark Places – Gillian Flynn Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn A Short History of Nearly … Read More

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Overstaying your Indonesia Visa

When I originally planned my Indonesia it became apparent that it would be impossible to explore the entire country in the 28 days allowed by the visa on arrival. After carefully laying out an agenda – it looked like we would need a a minimum five extra days – which meant I would need to apply for a visa extension. Then, thanks to my epic worst day of travel, I arrived in Indonesia a day later than I anticipated. Then, thanks to ticket prices, I actually flew out to Australia a day earlier than expected. Then I found out that the visa … Read More

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New Zealand is for Jumpers


“Hi, my name is Andy and I’ll be driving you to whichever structure you’ve chosen to fling yourselves off this morning.” Thus began my Nevis adventure in Queenstown, New Zealand. Queenstown activities are an amazing array of crazy adventure sports for equally crazy people. Skydiving, canyoning, jet boating…the list goes on forever. But, if your really wondering what to do in Queenstown, the obvious answer is Bungy Jumping. Bungy Jumping was invented in New Zealand by a guy named AJ Hackett who jumped off a 43 m bridge near Queenstown. Since then it’s spawned a range of crazier and more … Read More

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Scammed in Indonesia?

I’ve written before about the scams you may face while traveling – in fact I’ve been scammed myself. Having had this ‘experience’ I thought I was world wise and could avoid these all too common ploys to separate the traveler from their small budgets. In Mongolia, I met two Danish girls who I ended up traveling with for a few weeks. In Beijing, we met up for dinner and they began to relay the odd events of their day. They had apparently met these local Chinese girls who had invited them for tea… As soon as I heard the start … Read More

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Houseboating in Kerela


If you read my blog, you may remember that the first half of our India trip was a little intense. By the time we left Varanasi, I was ready for the easy lifestyle of Thailand. But, before we blew that pop stand forever, there was one last stop we needed to make – Southern India and the Kerela Backwaters. I had been reading about the planning a houseboat tour of the Kerela Backwaters since I saw a Bourdain special on it a few years ago. It looked amazing and seemed to be a really relaxing way to end our India … Read More

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